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The idea of "wellness" includes more than just having a healthy body—it's about well-being in mind, body, and soul. At The Chateau Girardeau, our highest priority is helping each resident live their very best life. Our strategy is to encourage wellness by focusing on six different pillars—physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, social, and emotional.


Maintaining physical health is the first step in achieving a state of overall wellness, and perhaps the best place to start is with exercise. The Chateau has a fitness center for residents, which provides cardio, strength training, and yoga classes to help residents stay active. Residents can also take walks on our Wildflower Trail for a more relaxed dose of physical activity.

Another big component of physical wellness is healthy eating. Our Dining Services staff provides meals that are healthy and delicious. The superb Chef Walter and Laura, our Registered Dietitian, work together to create menus with a variety of delicious options so our residents can have their pick at meal times. Plus we also have special events throughout the year for our residents to enjoy! 

Dishes from a recent Farm-to-Table special dinner event 

Even with proper diet and exercise, physical injuries and illnesses can still happen. If our residents need help recovering from an injury or illness, we have a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility right on our campus. Our Rehab staff is highly qualified to help residents and local seniors get back on the mend. 


It's equally important for seniors to keep their brains active. Learning new things, engaging in activities that require thinking, and socializing with others (more on this later in the blog!) are great ways to exercise the brain. 

The Chateau offers a variety of education courses such as cooking classes, art classes, iPad use, and other technology classes. These classes encourage our residents to take on new challenges and learn new things. We also offer residents the opportunity to attend lectures on-site, and we have a library so they can continue their education however they choose.


After a lifetime of hard work and dedication to a career or raising a family, retirement provides the opportunity for seniors to redefine how they spend their day. By exploring new hobbies or other activities there wasn't time for before, Chateau residents can truly embrace everything retirement has to offer.

The Chateau offers many ways for residents to focus on their spiritual health. By offering a private chapel, church services, Bible studies, art classes for self-expression, and plenty of quiet outdoor space, our residents have plenty of opportunities to reflect and focus on their spiritual health.


Retirement living shouldn't have to mean giving up personal style or expression. Residents at the Chateau are encouraged to customize their space to make it their own by decorating with their own furniture, artwork, and more. 

In addition, all residences at The Chateau feature maintenance-free living, which means no cleaning, no dishes, no yard work, and cooking only when you want to. 

The Chateau also decorates all common areas for holidays so everyone can enjoy the cheer of Christmas, New Year’s, and other special occasions throughout the year. 

Not sure if you're ready to make the move? Once you start spending time doing things you want to do instead of things you have to do, you'll wonder why you didn't come to The Chateau sooner! 


At The Chateau, our residents have many opportunities to build new friendships (and of course keep the old). We want our residents to feel part of a community, so we do our best to provide plenty of ways they can stay social. We have a very popular weekly social hour every Friday, and residents are also encouraged to try the fitness and education classes we’ve previously mentioned, join or start a club based off of their interests, or attend themed events, socials, movie nights, and more put on by Chateau staff.


All of the pillars of wellness work together to create a happier and healthier life for our residents. Everything we do at The Chateau, from continued learning opportunities to specially crafted meals, is aimed at helping our residents be as emotionally healthy as possible.


For 40 years, we have encouraged our residents to live their best lives and have provided amenities that help them do so. We are proud to be the premier continuing care retirement community in the region, and will continue to strive to hit even greater heights over the next 40 years.

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Recently The Chateau received the People’s Choice Award for #1 Nursing Home in Cape Girardeau County, as well as #1 Retirement Community. This is fifth year in a row we’ve received these honors, and we are so grateful for the community’s continued support. This year also marks our 40th anniversary. Since our start in 1979, we’ve grown our services, facilities, and amenities by leaps and bounds, and our second-to-none staff has helped us grow into the premiere retirement community we are today.

As a continuing care retirement community, we offer the full continuum of care to our residents, including top-of-the-line skilled care. What goes into being the #1 skilled care provider for seniors in Cape County? Here’s the rundown on how our Health Center made it to the top of the list.

Health Center at The Gardens

The Health Center at Chateau has received a 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and offers flexible options for skilled care. The Health Center provides restorative nursing options as well as long-term care plans for our residents in The Gardens.

The Health Center serves many needs for our residents and senior community. Seniors working through a long rehab plan can get additional inpatient care at the Health Center before being discharged. Those who are already residents at The Chateau can transition to the Health Center for temporary or long-term care needs. However, seniors don’t need to be a Chateau resident already if their circumstances would be best suited by skilled care—they can begin their stay at Chateau directly in The Gardens. 

Rehabilitation at The Chateau

Additionally, our Health Center provides award-winning inpatient and outpatient rehab services for Chateau residents and area seniors in our Rehab Center. Our staff includes Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists, as well as Physical Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Assistants. Continuity of Care is one of our core philosophies, meaning patients will work with the same therapists and assistants throughout their rehab journey. This ensures staff will truly get to know each patient, their needs, their goals, and better help them through a successful rehab.

Through our partnership with Infinity Rehab, we’ve been able to expand our treatment and service options. All of our rehab patients are set-up on individualized, objective-based treatment plans. With easily measurable milestones, rehab patients are able to work in steps towards concrete goals and better track and celebrate their improvements. Plus these milestones allow both staff and loved ones to rally around the patient’s progress and help cheer them on.

You can read much more about what makes Rehab at Chateau so special here!

What Sets Chateau’s Care Apart Overall

At The Chateau, our core treatment philosophy is patient centered and goal oriented. All of our residents are unique, so our staff works with our residents’ doctors and our own Medical Director to create a treatment plan that meets individual needs and sets realistic goals to strive towards. We focus on non-medication interventions first and whenever possible, and our treatment plans are also collaborative—we want our residents to be actively involved in their care and setting their own goals. Plus, we love when family wants to be involved in their loved ones’ care. We like to meet with families each quarter at a minimum, but are happy to be in touch as often as you like! 

While our Gardens residents receive extra care for their health needs, that doesn’t mean they lose their independence. Our staff works hard to ensure our residents have choices and can safely maintain their individual freedoms. From menu-style dining to tons of opportunities for activities and outings, our fantastic staff facilitates our residents’ individual routines and preferences.

We also believe in an open-door communication policy, for staff, for residents, and for family. As our Administrator and COO Amy Keistler says, “You can’t fix problems if you aren’t aware of them. We aren’t perfect, but if there’s a problem we will fix it.” We have administrative staff offices located among our residences in The Gardens as well as The Terraces, and we’re always open to hear feedback about how things are going, or if you just want to pop in and say hi!

Dedicated and Passionate Staff

Everything at The Chateau starts with our fantastic staff. We’ve been blessed with many long-time employees in our Health Center, who view their work with our residents as more of a calling than a job. That dedication definitely shows as they go about their daily business. Our staff is highly trained, but they also know our residents’ stories, know their preferences, and go above and beyond to make the atmosphere just like home. Attentive and caring, our staff helps facilitate our residents' independence and ensures they get only the best care. 

Looking to the Future

We’re so thankful to our amazing staff, fantastic residents, and the Cape Girardeau community who have made the last 40 years so special. As we work on our strategic planning for the next 40 years, we’ll keep the same philosophies in mind that have made us the People’s Choice five years running. Our Administrator Amy Keistler sums up what we’re all about best—“We are here to serve our residents, and we love what we do!”

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April is Occupational Therapy (OT) Month, and we’ve been honored and excited to celebrate our fantastic Occupational Therapy staff this month. Most of us are familiar with Physical Therapy, but many aren’t familiar with all of the impactful, life-changing work done in Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy at The Chateau is all about empowering seniors in their daily interactions with the world around them.

How is Occupational Therapy Different?

Above all, Occupational Therapists are working to help seniors maintain their independence. OTs implement adaptive strategies that help their clients feel empowered when interacting with their world, meeting them wherever they are with their skill set. OT focuses on making the most of the abilities you do have, not on what you don’t.

While the name might sound like the therapy related to “job skills,” it’s actually referring to the everyday activities that “occupy” our time. Occupational Therapists help their clients with life skills like buttoning a shirt, cooking dinner, using a knife and fork, or getting in and out of the shower.

Occupational Therapy is often recommended to help regain skills that were lost due to injury or illness, like working on improving fine motor skills after a stroke. It is also helpful in finding new ways to carry out everyday a tasks as we age, including how to best stay active while also avoiding falls. For clients experiencing memory loss, Occupational Therapy can be a huge asset. OTs will help clients leverage the skills they have to work around obstacles brought on my memory loss, like rearranging a space at home or reworking a routine. 

Occupational Therapy at The Chateau

Our Rehabilitation Center offers services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, so you can do your rehab at The Chateau even if you aren’t already a resident. We are also 2019 winners of Pinnacle’s Quality Insights Awards for Rehab, including Overall Customer Satisfaction and Overall Customer Experience.

Our Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants are fully licensed and experienced. We believe in a client-centered approach to care, so you’ll see the same therapist from appointment to appointment. They’ll get to know you and your story to put together the right treatment plan and goals for you. And your family is always welcome to participate in the process—in fact we love it!

The Next Step

If you’re interested in learning more about what goes into Occupational Therapy at The Chateau, you can read more about what sets our rehab apart here. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have—just give us a call at 573-335-1281.

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The Chateau is proud to announce that we’ve received the Pinnacle Quality Insight's Customer Experience Award for our Rehabilitation Center in 2019. We were honored in 11 categories, including Overall Satisfaction and Overall Customer Experience, based on feedback from our rehab patients throughout 2018.

Award-winning care

Other honors were awarded in these categories:

  • Atmosphere/Therapy Area
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Equipment Quality
  • Involvement/Goals
  • Pace of Progress
  • Recommend to Others
  • Response to Concerns
  • Results Achieved
  • Understood Procedures

As a premiere national surveyor, Pinnacle carries out monthly telephone surveys to check in with patients and their families about their experiences during rehab. The Chateau’s survey results ranked in the top 15% of the nation across twelve months, earning us the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award.

Our Mission

Over our 40 years of serving the greater Cape Girardeau community, we’ve placed our focus on meeting the individual needs of every resident. We welcome the opportunity the Pinnacle survey provides us to hear real-time feedback on our care. That feedback allows us to better understand our residents’ needs and make any improvements where necessary. As our President and CEO Keith Boeller says, "The satisfaction of the residents that have experienced our care is confirmation that the work we are doing supports our mission to provide the quality care to help seniors continue to lead a healthy and productive life.”

We’re so grateful to our residents for allowing us to serve them throughout their rehab journey, and for giving us the feedback we need to always keep improving. And we’re also thankful for our fantastic, dedicated rehab staff, who give their all for our residents and make everything happen. We’re looking forward to an even better 2019.

Experience Rehab at The chateau for yourself

To learn more, you can read about the basics of our rehabilitation services and exactly what rehab at The Chateau looks like!

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Once the holiday dust has settled, the beginning of a new year ushers in many hopes and renewed energy towards bettering ourselves. If you’re nearing retirement age or if feel like you just haven’t gotten the most out of retirement so far, choosing The Chateau can help you live your best life yet.

Free Yourself From Maintenance

When you live at The Chateau, you’ll get to embrace a maintenance-free lifestyle, and we can promise that it’s going to feel great. All of our residences are maintenance free, so gone are the days of worrying about mopping, vacuuming, mowing the grass, or tending to repairs around the house. Your vehicle is welcome at The Chateau, but if you’d like to cross car maintenance off your list as well, we have a shuttle that can take you to the store and your appointments. Let us take care of all the “boring” stuff so your time can be spent doing the things you love.

Many of our residences include a kitchen area, but if you don’t feel like cooking, no problem. Our residents rave about our restaurant-style dining and the impeccable dishes put together by our in-house Chef Walter Lents. Our Director of Dining Services, Laura Vollink, is a Registered Dietician, and she ensures that our residents are eating not only delicious meals but also getting all the nutrition they need. Come down to the dining room to eat among friends or order take out to enjoy during a relaxing evening at home.

Get Active, Stay Active

Without work and household maintenance taking up your time, you’ll be free to explore what you really want to do. From a variety of clubs sure to pique at least one of your interests to a full calendar of activities and events every day, there’s always something new to jump into. Is there a passion project you've been putting off for years? Now is the time to put yourself first and do what makes you happy!

More free time also leads to more opportunities to socialize. You’ll have plenty of new neighbors at The Chateau to get to know, and maybe even some old friends to reconnect with. Plus, your family and friends are always welcome to visit anytime. If you have out of town guests, they can even stay in your residence or we have options to rent a room for a night. 

If your New Year’s Resolution involves keeping more physically active, we have workout classes and equipment available for all our residents. If an injury or illness has you sidelined, our highly rated Rehabilitation team is here to help. Our fantastic staff will get you on the mend and back to your active lifestyle. (Learn more about our Rehab services here.)

Enjoy Peace of Mind

The Chateau is a CARF-accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), which means no matter the level of care you may need down the road, you’ll be taken care of. There are no worries of transfers or needing to make stressful decisions—you’ll always be at home at The Chateau. We are the only accredited CCRCs in Missouri, so you and your family can rest easy knowing you’re in great hands. (You can read more about the many benefits of a CCRC here.)

Live Your Best Life at The Chateau

Over and over again, we hear our residents say, “We should have done this years ago!” So what’s holding you back? It’s time to put yourself first in 2019 and choose The Chateau. Give us a call at 573-335-1281 and we’ll take you through your first steps to the path of retirement freedom.

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Your Rehab at The Chateau

Why The Chateau?

When you find out that you need rehab in order to bounce back from an injury or illness, the choice of where to get treatment might seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, when you choose The Chateau for your rehab journey, you’ll be in excellent hands. Why choose The Chateau? Glad you asked!

Patient-Centric Treatment Philosophy

We believe in a patient-centric approach to rehab that is open and collaborative. Our therapists will help you determine what goals you want to reach in therapy, and then together you’ll work towards those goals. Your therapist will devise a treatment plan that’s catered to where you want to be and is based on proven, evidence-based techniques. As you go through therapy, your progress will be assessed using standardized measures. These standards take all the guesswork out of tracking progress, so you’ll know exactly where you are on your road to recovery. And we’ll celebrate all the milestones along the way with you!

We also know that communication is essential to a successful rehab journey. Your treatment plan will include frequent touch points with your therapist, and we welcome family members to be involved in the conversation. In fact, we love it!

Excellent Therapy Staff

Our greatest resource is our people, and we know you’ll love our therapy staff just as much as we do. We have 10 full-time therapists on staff who are highly trained, certified, and excited to help you have a successful rehab experience. Our staff includes Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, and Speech Therapists.

Continuity of care is very important to us, so you’ll work with the same therapist and assistants during your sessions. They’ll get to know you and your goals, and together you’ll make some amazing progress happen. We’re all part of the same team and we love cheering you on to success.

Top-Notch Facilities

Our rehab center is a state-of-the art facility meant to give you access to all the best. We’re proud to be the only Infinity Rehab affiliate in Missouri. Our rehab wing has 15 beds for those transitioning out of the hospital and need rehab before heading home. We also offer rehab services on an outpatient basis for residents and seniors in the community.

In addition to physical therapy equipment like stationary bikes, weights, and parallel bars, we have occupational therapy facilities including a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room so you can work on the everyday skills you’ll need once you’re back home. And we even have a Wii so you can make progress while playing a game!

Highly Rated Care

Our care is rated highly on both a national and state level. According to, The Chateau has an overall 5 out of 5 star rating. When it comes to rehab, 86.9% of short stay residents improved their ability to move around on their own, which outperforms both the national and state average. In a survey of rehab patients taken by Pinnacle, we received a 100% 5 out of 5 ranking on our staff’s response to concerns, compared to a 76% national average. When respondents were asked if staff treats patients with dignity and respect, we also scored a 100% 5 out of 5 ranking, compared to a 90% national average. 

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few testimonials from rehab graduates from the past year.

“They are wonderful. They are professional, kind, patient, and knowledgeable.”—Survey response from 5/1/18

“They are excellent, compassionate, and they help you achieve your goals.”— Survey response from 4/1/18

“They are very helpful. I would say to make sure to have them do your therapy.”—Survey response from 2/1/18

How Do I Come to The Chateau?

Now that you you know why The Chateau, how do you go about coming here?

If you’re transitioning from a hospital stay, talk to one of the hospital’s social workers and ask for a referral to The Chateau for rehab. And don’t worry, we also accept patients from hospitals outside of Cape Girardeau. If you’re a community member looking for outpatient rehab services, give us a call and ask for our admissions coordinator. She’ll help you get everything in order! 

We hope you’ll choose The Chateau for your rehab journey!

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Rehab Rundown

If you’ve experienced an injury or illness that affects your ability to carry out daily life, your doctor may decide that rehabilitation is the best course for getting you back to your normal routine. The Chateau is home to a state-of-the-art rehab facility and a skilled staff whose top goal is to help you regain and sustain an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

We offer a host of therapy services. Here is a breakdown of the different types of therapies we provide for seniors.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

The Chateau offers both inpatient and outpatient rehab for seniors—and you don’t have to be a resident to participate in rehab services! Whether you’re returning from a hospitalization and need rehab before heading home or if you need to come in to work through an issue with mobility, our team will support you through the process and help get you back to where you want to be.

Physical Therapy

If you have an injury or illness that causes your body to lose mobility or function, physical therapy can get you back on the mend. The need for physical therapy can come for a variety of reasons, including rehabbing after a surgery, recovering from a fall, or if you are having trouble with pain that impedes your mobility, among others. When you begin physical therapy, you’ll work with a Physical Therapist (PT) to establish a rehab plan to get you back where you want to be. Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) also aid in the rehab process.

Physical therapy works towards goals like:

  • Increasing strength
  • Increasing balance to prevent future falls
  • Restoring lost movement
  • Healing pain that impedes mobility
  • Recovering from accidents or illness

Occupational Therapy

While the name might imply something profession-related, occupational therapy actually works towards improving your ability to perform daily activities that “occupy” your time. Occupational therapy doesn’t treat a physical ailment, but instead works towards restoring abilities and daily function. An Occupational Therapist (OT) will work with you on determining which skills are the most important to empower you to take care of your everyday needs with more independence. Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA) will also work with you throughout the process. 

Occupational therapy works towards goals such as:

  • Improving logical thought processes for movement and activity planning
  • Conserving energy so it can be used where it counts the most
  • Restoring the ability to dress, prepare meals, maintain personal hygiene, and other daily functions
  • Improving muscle strength and range of motion in joints

Speech Therapy

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness that has lessened your ability to communicate, speech therapy may be able to help. Speech therapy might be necessary due to a number of factors, such as recovering from a stroke,  treating a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, or helping if you’re having difficulty swallowing, among others. If you’re having issues with communication, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are trained to help you set attainable goals and work with you towards recovering lost skills.

Speech therapy works towards goals including:

  • Improving abilities to use language
  • Improving cognitive functioning
  • Devising alternate communication strategies
  • Improving the ability to swallow, and alternate dietary strategies when swallowing is an issue


Stay tuned for our next part of this series where we explore more about what a rehab experience at The Chateau looks like.

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