The Chateau offers a welcome environment for residents who require a little extra care and attention, without sacrificing their individual lifestyles. Our staff will make sure that the unique needs of each resident are met, while maintaining the comfort and convenience that residential life in The Chateau provides.  Call our Admissions Coordinator at (573) 651-8144 for more information or read on for more details!

Our staff and facility provide dedicated and compassionate care to all Chateau residents. Residents and families can enjoy peace of mind knowing our friendly and qualified nursing staff is offering around-the-clock care.

As part of our mission, our health care areas provide residents with a full range of healthcare services on-site. Just like everything else Chateau Girardeau offers, patient care is specialized and personalized. Our medical staff works to make the plan that will be simplest and most beneficial for you. Our therapists are available to assist you in developing a personalized wellness plan, including a full-time dietitian that can consult with you on special diets. 

Life at the Chateau will help you live your best: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Healthful Benefits On-Site at The Chateau

  • Therapy equipment specifically designed for seniors
  • Exercise classes for various fitness levels and for arthritis patients
  • A state-of-the-art rehabilitation center

Healthful Benefits Nearby The Chateau

  • Two Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Two Centers for Heart Disease
  • Two Emergency/Trauma Centers
  • An Orthopedic Institute
  • A Neurosciences Institute
  • A Diabetes Center
  • A Breast Care & Diagnostic Center
  • A Long-Term Acute Care Hospital
  • Two Wellness Centers

Additional Information

For more information, call the The Chateau at 573-335-1281 and one of our staff will be happy to meet with you and offer additional details.

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