Clubs and Activities

Never Be Bored Again.

Let’s face it: retirement can get--well--boring. At The Chateau, we do retirement right. Here, you’ll find no shortage of things to do. Because we know that you’re not just passing time. You’re living your retirement the way you always hoped--full of new and fun experiences! Everyone at The Chateau has access to dozens of classes and clubs. So the only time you won’t be doing something is when you’re deciding what to do next!

Senior Activities

When you hear the phrase “activities for the elderly,” we bet you picture something much different than we do at The Chateau. We know that activities for seniors don’t have to be shuffleboard and daytime television--and we build a community full of things that our retired residents actually want to do.

In fact, more than just keeping people engaged, we know the power of senior activities to keep our residents healthy. Active seniors experience a huge variety of physical health benefits, like lowering their risk for cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular irregularities; and improving immune systems and digestion. Residents that regularly engage in social activities are more likely to be happier, more mobile, more fulfilled, and even can increase their mental capacity.

Seniors that make an effort to be active, whether physically or mentally, have a greater quality of life and reap the benefits of not only long-term health, but in many cases long-term friendship.

Why Pick Just One?

We keep a variety of activities going all year long, so we have everything you need to choose your next adventure. Residents can choose to make a favorite pastime flourish, start an entirely new skill, or try a bunch of different things! When we say we have something for everyone, we mean it.

Cooking Classes
Art classes
Senior Yoga
Strength Training
Themed events
Wine Club
Social Hours
Card-playing clubs
Book clubs
Bible study groups
Garden club
Wildflower nature trails
Access to cultural events including River Campus and SEMO
Day trips to St. Louis and other Southeast Missouri attractions
Guest speakers
Continuing Education

Don’t see your favorite activity on the list? Start your own club. We’re always open to fresh ideas and exciting opportunities for our residents to get involved.

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