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Downsizing 101

Moving to a retirement community like The Chateau will help you live a more hassle-free life. But for many people, the move will also require some downsizing. At the end of the downsizing road you’ll find more freedom and less stress, but the process itself can be a little daunting. What do you keep? And what do you do with all the stuff you don’t want to keep?

We all accumulate things over time, sometimes more things than you realize until you start sorting through it all. Here are a few tips to remember while working through the downsizing process.

Tackle one thing at a time

It didn’t take a few days to accumulate your whole household, so don’t try to complete the full downsizing job over one weekend. Try starting with a goal of working through one room or one closet so you don’t become overwhelmed. Starting earlier rather than later will help everyone feel less strain and keep things moving smoothly.

Establishing three piles for your things—keep, give away, and pitch—will also help the decision-making process. Leaving a “maybe” pile will make more work for you in the long run, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. If you have duplicates of anything, those are an easy place to start. A good rule of thumb is if an item doesn’t bring you joy when you hold it, toss it or give it away.

Giving Spirit

The downsizing process is a great time to start deciding who should keep special items, like family heirlooms or trinkets a particular person has always enjoyed. Making these decisions early can alleviate stress or confusion over who gets what down the road. Plus there’s the added bonus of seeing your family and friends enjoy these items!

Donating items is also a great way to pare down your stuff and help out someone in need at the same time. There are several places where you can donate in Cape Girardeau to support a variety of causes. The Safe House for Women’s Thrift Store, Teen Challenge Thrift Store, Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary Thrift Store, and Goodwill are some great options for household objects big and small.

Be patient

Going through a whole household of things can be draining for everyone, so be patient with yourself and your family. If the job gets too tough emotionally or physically, it’s okay to take a break.

Enjoy simplifying

One of the great things about maintenance-free living at The Chateau is that you won’t need as much stuff to keep your home in tip-top shape. We offer many amenities for our residents, so you’ll be able to simplify without having to sacrifice convenience or comfort.

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James Pell APRIL 16 2018
Sounds easy, is it..

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