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How to Enjoy an Active Retirement

It’s no secret retirement is great! Without the daily grind of the 9-to-5, you are able to live the life you want to live and spend time doing the things you love. Of course, to make the most of your retirement, it’s important to stay active physically, socially, and mentally.

Physically Active

When people think of staying active, their first thought is being physically active. For seniors, physical activity has been shown to strengthen the immune system, increase bone density, and maintain or build muscle strength.

Being physically active can include a casual walk around downtown window shopping or even enjoying a walk on The Chateau’s Wildflower Trail.

Socially Active

While you may look to physical activity as your first step in living an active life, there are many other ways you can stay active in your retirement. Seniors who are social are less likely to experience symptoms of loneliness and may even be less likely to contract dementia and other conditions. With this in mind, it’s important to find ways to stay connected to others or even make new friends.

While residents of The Chateau are usually encouraged to join clubs, attend events, and knock on doors to welcome their new neighbors, many of these activities have been limited due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19. During these times, there are many ways to stay socially active while taking the health and safety of your neighbors into account.

If friends and family are far away, consider using a video call platform to connect with them. Platforms like Zoom and Facebook Messenger’s video option are free to sign up for and allow virtual face-to-face conversations with the people you love. If residents at The Chateau need help utilizing these platforms, our staff is ready to help.

Mentally Active

Remaining mentally active is vital to keeping seniors in good spirits, decreasing memory loss and keeping brain functions strong.

One unique way to promote mental activity is through volunteering. While it is a rewarding experience, volunteering also gives seniors the opportunity to perform new tasks and learn new skills. In addition to these excellent mental benefits, volunteering provides an outlet for social and physical activity as well, promoting overall wellness while helping others.

Reading is an enjoyable pastime that can help keep your comprehension and memory skills strong. Residents of The Chateau have access to a resident maintained library full of books to explore. Audiobooks are another great tool for seniors on-the-go so you can keep exploring new stories while doing other things you love like traveling or going on nature walks.

Games like chess, jigsaw puzzles, and cards can be beneficial to your mental and physical activity. All of these help with keeping your memory, association, and concentration strong, but can also help with motor skills and provide social benefits.

Live Actively at The Chateau

If you’re interested in living a full and active retirement, consider moving into The Chateau Girardeau. With daily activities, weekly socials, and access to features such as our fitness center and library, active retirement is easily achievable. The best part? With our maintenance-free living community, you have the time to do all the things that keep you active without having to worry about daily duties like cooking, cleaning, or mowing. To find our more about living your most active retirement at The Chateau, call 573-335-1281.

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