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June is wedding month at The Chateau, so we’re putting the spotlight on a very special couple who have been married 75 years, the Moyers.

Fred and Helen Moyers met while attending Mounds Township High School in Mounds, Illinois. The high school sweethearts enjoyed lots of the same activities, but most of all they loved to dance together, whether it be to big band music or ballroom style. (Fred mentioned that he was never very good at the Charleston, but we think he was just being modest.) They became known around town as very accomplished dancers, competing in and winning several contests over the years.

The US entered WWII shortly after Fred graduated high school, and he joined the United States Air Corps. Despite the tumultuous times, the couple married on February 6, 1943 in a small ceremony in Cape Girardeau—Fred was 19 and Helen 17. I asked what made them decide to get married and Helen jokingly said, “Fred told me!”

Fred served in the 9th Air Corps’ 394th Bomb Group, 587th squadron, who became known as the Bridge Busters. He was shot down over France in February of 1945 and became a Prisoner of War of the Germans. While Fred was fighting overseas, Helen received daily telegrams with updates from the War Department in Washington, D.C., but it was an understandably nerve-wracking time. They were able to write letters back and forth, but letters weren’t possible while Fred was captured. Helen described that period of time as just “terrible.” After seven long months, General Patton liberated Fred’s POW camp, and he was able to return home to Helen. The reunion was a joyous occasion and the couple danced the night away in celebration. In the years following, the couple had two children, Brian and Emily, and then later grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

After seventy-five years, the romance between these two is still going strong. Helen let me in on a few secrets that make a lasting marriage. She said the most important thing is to have faith in one another. If you have faith your partner is doing their best, it’s easier to let mistakes go. Helen said Fred is “a remarkable husband. He would do anything for anybody and that’s how we’ve lived. He’s always there and available in the good and the bad.” She smiled at him fondly and added, “I got a good one here!”

Fred added, “I found the right companion. We both thought we were for each other and we decided to make it legal. We’ve had a good life and a good marriage.”

 A shared love of music is still a huge part of the couple's lives. Before I visited, they spent the morning singing songs with a friend. Before I said goodbye, Fred pulled out his harmonica and Helen joined him in a wonderfully heartwarming rendition of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

Fred and Helen Moyers are perfect partners in song, on the dance floor, and in life.

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