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While living at Chateau Girardeau, you’ll enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle, which means more free time. Our community is full of active residents who are always looking to do something new. The activities offered at Chateau are more than your “normal” retirement community activities. We have several residents on our Events Committee and we always ask for input from others so that we can offer activities that our residents will love.

Here are just some of the activities that we offer.

Themed Events

Our themed parties and dinners are always a favorite among the Chateau community. It gives our residents the opportunity to socialize and dress up for the occasion. Some of the past themes include an Oscars Party, Kentucky Derby, and Barndance. We even had an island-themed luau with a live steel drum band.

Later this month, we’re throwing a retro-themed dinner inspired by one of our original menus from back in the 70s. We'll have 70s music, a costume contest, and we'll even host our own version of The Match Game. These themed events are always so much fun!

Exercise Classes

We have a variety of workout classes and equipment available so our residents can reap all the benefits of an active lifestyle. There are classes available daily throughout the week for residents to stay active. We offer step classes, strength training, senior yoga, tai-chi, chair-chi, and more.

Educational Activities

Brain fitness is just as important as physical fitness, so our activities staff always includes learning activities on the schedule. For example, we have our weekly Monday Morning Coffee where a business or organization comes in to give a presentation. This is a great way to keep our residents engaged in the community and also learn about new and interesting topics. We also provide opportunities for day trips to St. Louis and nearby attractions. This includes trips to different cultural events at the River Campus and SEMO.


Retirement is a great time to reconnect with an old passion or pick up a new hobby, and clubs are an excellent way to do so. Clubs can provide the opportunity to socialize while enjoying a favorite pastime or developing a new skill. Currently, we have the following clubs: book club, wine club, gardening club, and card-playing clubs.

If there isn't already a club calling out to you, we'd love for you to start your own! We are always open to new ideas that will help to get our residents involved doing things they love.


We have noticed that our residents love music and they love to dance. Fortunately, there is never a lack of entertainment at Chateau Girardeau. Along with our events, we offer high-quality entertainment, such as a variety of acts from string and vocal performances to full live bands.

Sometimes, residents even get in on the entertainment themselves. For example, some of our men host an event where they take charge of the entertainment by singing and playing piano for the ladies. It is a huge hit. 

Giving Back

Chateau Girardeau is also a very giving community. Every year, a group of residents helps buy school supplies for employees’ families and the children of Franklin School.

This year, Chateau has put together a team for the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer's to help raise money for awareness and research. We will also have a “Rock-a-Thon” team who will work to raise money for the cause as well by “rocking” in a rocking chair for donations.

Plenty to Do at The Chateau

There is no shortage of activities here at Chateau Girardeau! We focus on keeping our residents engaged, happy, and healthy. If you’re looking for a retirement community that empowers you to live your best life, give us a call at 573-335-1281.

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