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Recently The Chateau received the People’s Choice Award for #1 Nursing Home in Cape Girardeau County, as well as #1 Retirement Community. This is fifth year in a row we’ve received these honors, and we are so grateful for the community’s continued support. This year also marks our 40th anniversary. Since our start in 1979, we’ve grown our services, facilities, and amenities by leaps and bounds, and our second-to-none staff has helped us grow into the premiere retirement community we are today.

As a continuing care retirement community, we offer the full continuum of care to our residents, including top-of-the-line skilled care. What goes into being the #1 skilled care provider for seniors in Cape County? Here’s the rundown on how our Health Center made it to the top of the list.

Health Center at The Gardens

The Health Center at Chateau has received a 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and offers flexible options for skilled care. The Health Center provides restorative nursing options as well as long-term care plans for our residents in The Gardens.

The Health Center serves many needs for our residents and senior community. Seniors working through a long rehab plan can get additional inpatient care at the Health Center before being discharged. Those who are already residents at The Chateau can transition to the Health Center for temporary or long-term care needs. However, seniors don’t need to be a Chateau resident already if their circumstances would be best suited by skilled care—they can begin their stay at Chateau directly in The Gardens. 

Rehabilitation at The Chateau

Additionally, our Health Center provides award-winning inpatient and outpatient rehab services for Chateau residents and area seniors in our Rehab Center. Our staff includes Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists, as well as Physical Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Assistants. Continuity of Care is one of our core philosophies, meaning patients will work with the same therapists and assistants throughout their rehab journey. This ensures staff will truly get to know each patient, their needs, their goals, and better help them through a successful rehab.

Through our partnership with Infinity Rehab, we’ve been able to expand our treatment and service options. All of our rehab patients are set-up on individualized, objective-based treatment plans. With easily measurable milestones, rehab patients are able to work in steps towards concrete goals and better track and celebrate their improvements. Plus these milestones allow both staff and loved ones to rally around the patient’s progress and help cheer them on.

You can read much more about what makes Rehab at Chateau so special here!

What Sets Chateau’s Care Apart Overall

At The Chateau, our core treatment philosophy is patient centered and goal oriented. All of our residents are unique, so our staff works with our residents’ doctors and our own Medical Director to create a treatment plan that meets individual needs and sets realistic goals to strive towards. We focus on non-medication interventions first and whenever possible, and our treatment plans are also collaborative—we want our residents to be actively involved in their care and setting their own goals. Plus, we love when family wants to be involved in their loved ones’ care. We like to meet with families each quarter at a minimum, but are happy to be in touch as often as you like! 

While our Gardens residents receive extra care for their health needs, that doesn’t mean they lose their independence. Our staff works hard to ensure our residents have choices and can safely maintain their individual freedoms. From menu-style dining to tons of opportunities for activities and outings, our fantastic staff facilitates our residents’ individual routines and preferences.

We also believe in an open-door communication policy, for staff, for residents, and for family. As our Administrator and COO Amy Keistler says, “You can’t fix problems if you aren’t aware of them. We aren’t perfect, but if there’s a problem we will fix it.” We have administrative staff offices located among our residences in The Gardens as well as The Terraces, and we’re always open to hear feedback about how things are going, or if you just want to pop in and say hi!

Dedicated and Passionate Staff

Everything at The Chateau starts with our fantastic staff. We’ve been blessed with many long-time employees in our Health Center, who view their work with our residents as more of a calling than a job. That dedication definitely shows as they go about their daily business. Our staff is highly trained, but they also know our residents’ stories, know their preferences, and go above and beyond to make the atmosphere just like home. Attentive and caring, our staff helps facilitate our residents' independence and ensures they get only the best care. 

Looking to the Future

We’re so thankful to our amazing staff, fantastic residents, and the Cape Girardeau community who have made the last 40 years so special. As we work on our strategic planning for the next 40 years, we’ll keep the same philosophies in mind that have made us the People’s Choice five years running. Our Administrator Amy Keistler sums up what we’re all about best—“We are here to serve our residents, and we love what we do!”

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