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What comes to mind when you hear the word Retirement? Traveling, spending time with family, friends or grandkids, learning a new skill, picking up a new hobby or spending more time doing one you already love. What about when you hear the word, “Rightsizing”? Or better yet, “Rightsizing for Retirement”? Rightsizing for retirement is the first step in setting yourself up in retirement to have the time to do the things you love. This usually means moving to a smaller space while leaving behind the responsibilities that keep you from making the most of your time

This is what life at The Chateau is all about; making the most of retirement. Whether you are interested in simplifying your life or reducing your cost of living, there are a lot of reasons to rightsize for your retirement. At The Chateau, we work with you during the entire process and have a few tips to help you start your journey.

Where to Start

When it comes to moving from one home to another, it is best to start the process by taking inventory of your new space. Get measurements of your new space as you may have different storage options in your new home.

Rightsizing your life is less about the things you need to do and more about the freedom to do the things you want to do. You might also want to think about the needs and purpose of your new home. Are you moving to decrease your chore load, making it easier to travel? Will you still be having family gatherings, or are you volunteering the kids to take on the responsibility of Thanksgiving dinner?

While you’re thinking about the purpose of your new home, it’s a great time to make note of things you use on a regular basis. For a couple of weeks before you declutter, keep track of the appliances, supplies, and other items you use every day. These are things that will automatically go on your keep list when you get into decluttering.


Once you have an idea for the size of your new space and what it’ll be used for, you can start the decluttering process. This process can take as much time as you want and, in reality, can start even before you’ve officially found a new place.

Start decluttering by putting essential toiletries or medications in an easy to find location. If you’ve ever decluttered before, you know that your home may become a little disorganized. You’ll want to make sure the important items you need every day are easily accessible.

When you start decluttering, organize your things into five different piles or sections: keep, give away, sell, donate, or trash. In your keep pile should be the things you use on a consistent basis or the things that make you the happiest. If you have to question whether an item is needed or makes you happy, go ahead and find a new home for it.

While going through this process, take your time to reminisce in sentimental places. Start in rooms of your home that don’t have many sentimental items like your bathrooms or laundry room. Get these rooms taken care of so you have time to really focus on the rooms that matter. Many of the items in your home will bring memories to the surface, and it’s good to remember those times.

This is a great time to bring in your family and loved ones to help. Besides allowing yourself to reminisce with the people in your life, you might be surprised to find there are items in your home they also have an attachment to. Those items should go in the giveaway pile, given to the person who will cherish them as you do.

Working With The Chateau

If you plan to make your home at The Chateau, we are with you every step of the way. We know it can be hard to picture how to create your new home at The Chateau, but we can help. We can give you a floorplan of your new home to help you layout furniture and make space your own. We can also help connect you to the resources for creative ways to store clutter such as photo digitization.

No matter what you need to start your new adventure at The Chateau, we are here and ready to help. For more information on the Suites and Estates, visit

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