If you are considering becoming a resident of The Chateau, we invite you to learn more about our community.  We know this is a big decision that comes with all kinds of questions.  Trust us, you’re not the first person to have these questions!  To make your experience at The Chateau as simple as possible, here are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked by future residents and their family members. 

Don’t see your question here?  Feel free to reach out to a member of our Sales & Navigation Team – we’re happy to help !  Or if you prefer to talk in-person, call to arrange for a personal tour of The Chateau! 


What is CCRC or continuing care retirement community? 

Continuing Care refers to the fact that, in addition to independent living, all levels of care are available to residents on the same campus. This includes assisted living, skilled nursing care and specialized senior rehabilitation and therapy services. 


What is the difference between independent living, assisted living and nursing care?

Independent Living is designed for those who can live safely without any assistance or supervision. The services and amenities provided are primarily for convenience and lifestyle benefits. 

Assisted Living is designed for individuals who need regular support with daily activities such as medication management or dressing, but do not need nursing care on a daily basis. Assistance can be provided with activities such as meals, laundry, bathing, dressing and medication reminders. 

Skilled Nursing Care provides the necessary care for those who need a nurse or certified nursing assistant on a daily basis. Individuals might have chronic conditions that require a skilled caregiver in our Health Center or may need short-term treatment and therapy services in our Rehabilitation Center. 


Who is eligible for residency in the Chateau? 

Any person who has attained age 60, is in reasonably good health (being capable of independent living at the time of occupancy) and who has sufficient resources to meet the initial financial requirements of The Chateau is acceptable for residency.  

In the case of spouses and/ or domestic partners, only one needs to have reached age 60. 


Do I still pay property taxes?

No. The Chateau residents do not own the Estate homes or apartments in any lifestyle level and will not have to pay property taxes. 


Is there any tax benefit I may gain by living at the Chateau? 

Although we are not a tax advisor, there have been recent rulings by the IRS that do allow a portion of the entrance fee and monthly service fee to qualify as medical expenses. However, you should check with your tax attorney or advisor on this issue before planning or taking any tax deductions. 


Will I be able to keep my personal vehicle?

Yes. Open, lighted parking areas are available to The Suites residents who bring their automobiles, and The Chateau Estate homes feature two-car garages. A limited number of covered carport spaces from time to time are available for The Suites residents for a nominal cost.  Residents of The Terraces, The Gardens or The Rehabilitation Center do not have designated parking spaces.   


Do monthly service fee change or increase?

To maintain the quality of our community and the services we offer, it may be necessary to raise our fees. However, the corporation shall always exert its best efforts not to increase the Monthly Service Fee more often than one time in any one calendar year. Residents are provided adequate notice prior to the adjustment of fees. 


Do I need to have homeowners insurance?

The Chateau advises residents to have content/ renters insurance including personal liability coverage for their personal belongings and furnishings in their apartments or homes.   


What if there is a medical emergency?

Help may be summoned to apartments or homes at any hour of the day or night by use of a notification system located in the bathrooms and/ or via phone. This notification system directly alerts our on-site 24/7 nursing staff.  Arrangements can also be made for daily checks by staff to ensure that residents are up and moving safely about their home. 


What is the extent of health services at the Chateau?

The Chateau campus contains an Assisted Living Center and a Health Center, which is a skilled nursing facility. Through these centers, The Chateau offers to residents a full range of health, from minimal supportive services to the highest level of professional nursing care. We also have a wellness/healthcare coordinator who is a trained nurse that can assist in developing a personal wellness plan. We also have a full-time dietician with us that can consult with you on special diets. 


May I have overnight guests? Can they join me in the dining room?

Your guests – children, grandchildren, friends and relatives, are always welcome to visit you. As an Independent Living resident, guests may stay in your apartment or Estate home.  If you are a resident of Assisted Living or The Health Center or your guests would prefer their own space, overnight guests’ rooms are available at a nominal charge. Guests are also welcome to share meals with you in any of The Chateau’s dining rooms for a minimal fee.  


What kind of activities may I choose to participate in the Chateau?

An exciting variety of recreational and educational activities are available at The Chateau. In addition, many other social events will be arranged by our full-time Activities Director. A regularly published calendar of events will let you know about upcoming activities. Of course, the choice to participate is always up to you. Your participation is welcomed, but your privacy is also respected.


What should my first step be in preparation for the move to assisted living? 

First and foremost, we encourage your friends or relatives to join you in the process. Support is key, and we want to make the transition as comfortable as possible. In your move to assisted living, we suggest you know what kind of assistance you or your loved one may need in regards to medical care, social services and dietary needs so that we can better serve you. Our premier assisted living is flexible for whatever needs you may have, whenever you need them.  If you need guidance to determine what your needs are, please contact our admissions coordinator at 573-651-8144 for a personal discussion.


How do I know if my loved one needs Assisted Living? 

Here are a few signs that Assisted Living could be helpful for you or a loved one: 

      • At risk for a fall or recovering from a recent fall, or concerns over decreased mobility 
      • Having trouble remembering to take the correct medications at the correct time 
      • Difficulty with getting dressed in the morning—trouble with reaching, buttoning or unbuttoning, putting on shoes and socks, etc. 
      • Diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that needs careful monitoring, like diabetes or COPD 
      • Unable to regularly schedule or drive to doctor’s appointments on own 
      • Trouble getting into and out of the bathtub or shower or difficulty maintaining proper hygiene 
      • Difficulty planning and cooking healthy meals 
      • Memory loss 
      • Concerns over recovering from a recent hospitalization alone at home 

Sometimes it can be hard to notice these changes in yourself since they can occur gradually over time, so it’s important to talk regularly with your doctor and your family about the status of your health. 


Is the Chateau right for you?

Your retirement is your reward for years of hard work, so it’s time to rest easy with a maintenance-free life in a community dedicated to serving you. Whether you’re in independent or assisted living, you retain the ability to live your best life on your terms. 

 Considering The Chateau? Call, email, or schedule a tour. Once you learn all you need to know about us, the decision will be easy. 

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