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  • Your life, your way.

    Life at The Chateau is designed to make your life simple and stress free. All of our residence options are affordable, spacious and totally yours.

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  • Find Your Peace Everywhere

    The Chateau’s award winning facilities and three levels of care give every resident exactly what they need.



  • Never grow up.

    Retirement is just the beginning. Now is your time. Meet new people, explore new hobbies and live your best life.

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  • Retirement made for you.

    Learn new skills, take engaging classes and form lasting friendships. Nothing will hold you back from doing the things you love.

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Our Residences

We are proud to offer residences that range from two-bedroom homes to spacious apartments, with a variety of floor plans and interior design selections that fit you and your style. Host guests, have parties, or relax alone—our homes are comfortable, convenient, and ready to be made yours.

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The Chateau

It’s time for you to decide how to spend your retirement. We are Cape Girardeau’s premier retirement community, populated by fun-loving residents and a friendly staff who will warmly welcome you to our community. Our extensive list of amenities, classes, clubs and events leads to an enriched life for our residents. The Chateau is dedicated to letting you live your life, your way.

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The Lifestyle

Life at The Chateau is worry free, independent, exciting, and all yours. It’s your time now. How you choose to spend it is up to you. With all of our opportunities, you will have no trouble filling your day. From social groups, classes, and clubs to off-site shopping and community events, the world is yours.

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Want to learn more?

The Chateau is excited to talk to you about all of the incredible services and amenities we provide to our residents. Explore our website to see all that we offer and contact us at info@chateaugir.com or call 573-335-1281 or 800-428-0069 today.

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