The way you want to live is here. From spacious, single-dwelling homes to studio apartments with ample storage, we have an option to fit you.  

Independent Living at The Chateau Suites and Estates

Space to Suit You

In our independent living residential plans, you pick the space and the style of your Suite or Estate Home. You can choose from several different contracts and payment plans, and you’ll benefit from full access to all events and amenities at The Chateau.  

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A Home for Everyone

Assisted Living at The Chateau Terraces

Your choice of a home may depend on the level of care you need. The Chateau Terraces are specially designed apartments for residents who will benefit from the support of Assisted Living.

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Skilled Nursing at The Chateau Gardens

The Chateau Gardens is a long-term nursing and short-term rehabilitation center where residents receive specialized care from highly-trained staff while enjoying many of the benefits that come with being a resident of The Chateau.  

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